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Net City Mall
An online mall featuring hundreds of
name brands and outlets, plus articles,
resources and videos.

Provides new jokes, cartoons, puzzels,
and videos on a daily basis. As a
component of NetCity Mall, it draws
traffic into the site.

Natureworld Art Fine Art Site
Artwork site for art inspired by
nature. Limited edition canvases
with links to a sister ZAZZLE site
for commercial reprints and more.
Art by Dwight Bennett.

Natureworld Art Sister Site at ZAZZLE
for Reprints and Merchandise

Artwork site for posters, clothing,
mugs prints, iPhone cases and more
by Dwight Bennett.

Campsite 12
A 20 minute short by Nine Ten Gale
Productions. Website development, still
photography, and video production
assistance by MMP.

Full length movie by Nine Ten Gale
Productions. Website design and
development by MMP.

Nine Ten Gale Productions
Website development and maintenance.