Dwight Bennett

Natureworld Art of Gainesville Florida is owned and operated by Dwight Bennett, a longtime resident and graduate of the University of Florida with Masters Degrees in Entomology/Zoology and Educational Media and Instructional Design. With over 40 years of experience in photography, video and graphic arts, he combines a fine technical approach with a creative flair to produce unique quality images rich in detail and design.

He is a writer, and web developer, with an eclectic approach to art as well as life, for life inspires art, and life is by essence varied.

"I am intrigued, fascinated and thrilled by the symmetry, unlimited complexity, texture and color that nature produces and lays before us. It surrounds us, envelopes us, and is us. We are a part of it, not just an observer of it. That is why we feel such a connection to it. Even the simplest of things, when carefully observed reveals uncompromising complexity and beauty on some level. That is the essence and power of Nature."